California Superior Court of Monterey County

Pursuant to California Rules of Court, rule 2.503(e) , the Court may provide electronic access to public court records in individual criminal cases if interest in the case has been determined to be extraordinarily high. In these high-profile cases, the Court may issue a formal media plan, which may include the posting of the case progression/event dates, and electronic copies of public court records on the Court’s public website. The goal of a media plan is to balance interest in the case with the following factors/priorities:

  • Preserve the dignity of court proceedings;
  • Maximize the safety and security of those attending proceedings;
  • Ensure the litigants receive a fair trial; and
  • Accommodate public and media interest to the best of the court’s abilities during the course of the case.
Interest in the following case(s) has been determined to be extraordinarily high. Electronic access to case progression/event dates and copies of public court records are available using the following link:


Case Title Case Number Defendant Alert